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the Ana Shpilman Method

The Skin Whisper.

Known to her clients as the "Skin Whisper," Ana Shpilman has an extraordinary ability to "talking" to your skin by taking her time during the diagnosis stage at the consultation. She's considered an anti-aging guru and blemish ninja by thousands thanks to her magical touch and ability to make skin concerns resolved like a Rubik's Cube.

Your face
is not a science experiment

Lots of active ingredients, new overnight treatments, anti-aging commercials with 20-year-olds, too many skin care products, and unrealistic social media expectations are playing against all of us. Your skin is not a science experiment. It's time to fall in love with your skin and celebrate it with a professional skin expert like Ana Shpilman.

Meet Ana Shpilman - Your Skin Anti-Aging Guru & Blemish Ninja

Aesthetics to everything and unconditional love to everyone around are in Ana Shpilman's DNA. The combination of the two makes her the ideal skin perfectionist by choice, not by chance. Thousands of happy clients even call her the "Skin Whisperer" because of her extraordinary skills of talking and making deals with your skin. Her Highland Park facial clinic is a neighborhood gem when it comes to creating a beautiful, glowing, and confident face at any age.

Customers can expect the smartest individualized approach for any of your skin care-related goals like signs of aging, acne & blemishes, dark spots & discoloration, loss of firmness & elasticity, among others.
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Ana Shpilman skin care is not an ordinary facial place. It's the finest trilogy of:

Industry-best technologies

Professional-grade products that are proven work

30+ years of hands-on experience all over the world

Founded & operated by Ana Shipman herself. She is proud to provide her remarkable and result-driven services to Highland Park and surrounding areas that are looking for nothing short of excellence with their face.

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