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"They thought i Got a Face-Lift Surgery"

One of Ana's regular clients, who is 58 years old, has been coming into Ana Shpilman Skin Care for Microcurrent treatments weekly for four months. Due to the pandemic in 2020, she has not seen any of her closest friends and family members at that time. But during the winter holidays, the client finally attended a family gathering, where everyone was asking if she got a face-lift surgery. Some were even looking for surgical scars because her younger appearance was almost unrecognizable and hard-to-believe, thanks to weekly Microcurrent facials. The power of consistency, commitment, and clients' trust always pays off!
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"My Husband Had Never Looked At Me this way Before"

A few months back, Ana had a first-time client, 37 years old, try out a Microcurrent treatment. Ana selected one of her Microcurrent machines in addition to an LED treatment, and a 24k gold mask to reach the client's goals: lifting, tightening, smooth out the skin texture, and some minor fine lines. Her facial was early evening, so the client headed out and went straight home. During a family dinner time, her husband stopped his meal to make his wife a compliment on how beautiful her skin looked that night and couldn't stop staring. Now that's the biggest proof and motivation for any woman!
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anti-aging treatment

"My skin was in hopeless condition, Ana saved me!"

A year ago, Ana had a pleasure meeting a local business owner, a 65-year-old woman who never had a facial with goals to improve her skin condition, including anti-aging, pigmentation, age spots, sun damage, and redness as top priorities. Ana implemented her methodology by starting slow, introducing one product at a time, creating a skin care home regimen, and advising on monthly facial procedures, including her signature custom facial, sculpting massage, microcurrent, and chemical peels for the next eight months. As a result, the client had drastic improvements and became the #1 fan in the believer in Ana Shpilman's method after saving her skin when she lost all the hope.
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YUMI lashes

"No More Mascara! My Lashes are defined and healthy."

During one of the facials for her regular client, Ana noticed she always comes in with mascara and complains how much time it takes every day to put it on. That's not to mention that a good mascara is a price of gold yet so hard to wash off without creating "raccoon eyes" and redness. Ana offered to check out her tried-and-true YUMI lashes service that's perfect for busy women like her, does not cause any irritation or redness, but most importantly, lengthens and strengthens the lashes for up to 12 weeks. It's the best alternative to eyelash extensions without side effects or commitment. The client fell in love and now sleeps in every morning for 10 minutes because she doesn't have to deal with her mascara, and her lashes look fabulous 24/7!
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